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Sanico Cleaning Solutions Facility Supplies for Cleaner Greener Healthier Environment
  For over 30 years, Sanico has been a reliable and trusted distributor of sanitary maintenance supplies and systems throughout the Northeast. Founded in 1984 by Michael Peters, who started the business with modest means but abundant entrepreneurial spirit, Sanico has become the fastest growing janitor supply distributor in the Northeast. Our many satisfied customers include retail and convenience store chains, health care facilities, schools and universities, manufacturing, hospitality , government, and other large institutions. Sanico is a Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certified company. We assist cleaning organizations in achieving management standards with regard to:
  • *Quality Systems
  • *Service Delivery
  • *Human Resources
  • *Health, Safety & Environmental Stewardship and
  • *Management Commitment.
  Our certification was recently expanded to CIMS-GB Green Building which validates green cleaning programs to an industry standard. With corporate headquarters and sales, service and equipment showrooms in our convenient Binghamton NY, Horseheads NY, and Syracuse NY locations. Additionally, our strategically located distribution centers around the country offer quick turn-around times on all orders. We firmly believe that with our commitment to customer service and our innovative cleaning programs and systems, Sanico will consistently deliver excellence and value. Sanico provides our customers with programs and solutions that are environmentally-friendly, safe, and cost-effective. Our company was founded on the belief that the customer is always right and we demonstrate that philosophy in everything we do. Allow us to partner with you to achieve cleaner, greener, and healthier buildings.