Product #: 35RS44

Volume: 0.44
Weight: 13


44 Gallon 36" x 50" XH Clear Liner

Sanico's RiteSack assortment of waste liners are a perfect fit for todays most popular containers. These form-fitting trash liners are durable enough to handle your even your heaviest garbage loads. The super-strong Hexene Resin is strong enough to handle almost anything you can throw in it. The coreless Rolls are convenient and easy to distribute. Due to the design, Sanico RiteSack liners offer a low "In Use" cost per bag. Sanico RiteSack's X-Seal construction also prevents leaks and surprise bag bursts.

Sanico RiteSack liners come in a convenient dispenser carton that reduces waste and theft.

Each bag is printed with the gallon capacity and a picture of the container that it is designed to fit; thus ensuring proper sizing and reducing waste!

Perfect Fit Reduces Waste 

Price: $35.36

Price: $35.36