Product #: 6756265505

Weight: 170


These CRI certified cleaning machines are proven to very effectively remove soil from your carpets, improving indoor air quality and extending the life of your carpets. One-Touch control make operation as simple as switching on and cleaning. Cleaning modes can be easily selected with a single button on the control panel. The removable tank's increased size extends cleaning time and decreases the need for emptying. The 18LX model has a full rotating handle adjustment allows for easy maneuverability, decreasing the need for backing into tight spaces. A front-mounted drain hose and removable tank, make it easier than ever to empty the tank. Pump: 120 psi; Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp, 3 stage. Water lift: 120"; Power cable: 50'; Brush motor: 1/3 hp. Solution tank: 12 Gal.; Recovery tank: 10 Gal.

Price: $5,490.02

Price: $5,490.02